Rebekah Cummings, Broker


After my husband passed away in 2010, I had 2 very small children and a small life insurance policy.  God used my time of biggest grief to bring about a new direction of real estate in my life.  I was currently living in an area where the "big crash" of the real estate market hit the hardest.  There were so few homes for sale because of all the foreclosures in process.  

After 1 1/2 years, I finally bought a home right before the market started quickly climbing.  Then, in 2012, I met and married my new husband who moved me to Spokane.  I sold my home and made significant profit after owning it for just a few months.  Ever since, I have had a true love for researching real estate and utilizing the market for good investing.  I have bought and sold several of my own homes as well as helping others with theirs. As a Washington State licensed real estate broker, I love to use the wealth of resources I have to support individuals making some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.